France: Symposium on acoustics in fisheries and aquatic ecology

France has Released a tender for France: Symposium on acoustics in fisheries and aquatic ecology in Banking, Finance, Insurance and Securities (BFIS). The tender was released on Feb 09, 2011. The GT reference number for the notice is 7969964. The scope of work comes under

Country - France

Summary - France: Symposium on acoustics in fisheries and aquatic ecology

Deadline - Dec 31, 2032

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Address - France

Contact details - 565656565

Tender notice no. - 76454545

GT Ref Id - 7969964

Document Type - Tender Notices

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Description - Start date:2003-01-01 End date:2032-12-31 Project Acronym:SAFAE Project status:Execution Duration:360 months Project Reference:Q5AM-2002-00492 Project cost:173850 EURO Project Funding:52155 EURO Recently the scope of acoustics has inc reased dramatically and underwater acoustics provide information to fisheries biologists and ecologists, in most aquatic ecosystems: from the deepest oceans to extremely shallow waters, from unicellular organisms to biggest marine mammals for pelagic, demersal and benthic populations, bottom type and benthic plants. Acoustics allows observing and assessing under water ecosystems on a continuous basis. The Symposium on acoustics applied to aqua-tic systems will explore recent advances and the expansion of acoustical methods into a broad range of environments with new analytical techniques, technologies, concepts and methods, and innovative acoustical implementations. An important effort will be done for dissemination of the results and discussions. Selected papers (through peer reviewing) will be published in an international journal and a synthesis will be made available to the public through a specific web page.

Gt Ref Id - 7969964

Type of Tender - Not Specified

Tender Notice No. - Not Provided

Deadline - Dec 31, 2032

Document Type - Tender Notices

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