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Q How can I create an account?
You can create an account in two easy steps and access a personalized dashboard through the following link -
Q Will creating an account give me access to details?
Creating an account does not give access to the details of the notices. The access level is as per the package chosen at the time of registered.
Q I have registered but haven't received verification mail?
If you have not received the verification email, please check your spam folder once. Alternatively, please drop an email to contact[@] with the subject "account verification" for our team to verify your account.
Q What features are available with the free account?
With a free account, you can access the dashboard, make modifications to your profile, search for existing and new notices and view the summaries of the notices.
Q How long is the free account active?
The free subscription is for a limited time and is based on automatic usage patterns.
Q What kind of information can I access after upgrading my subscription?
We collect information from various authenticated sources like newspapers, magazine, tendering authorities' portals and even tendering authorities send us the information directly for uploading it on our website. Our associates also send us the information of local tenders published in news papers.
  • 1.) We upload Tender Notices/EOI/Pre-Qualifications etc. as advertised/published by the Tendering Authorities.
  • 2.) Some Tendering Authorities publish the Tender Documents.
  • 3.) Some Tendering Authorities give a link to the Tender Documents for downloading.
  • 4.) Some Tendering Authorities charge for the Tender Documents.
Q In what language is the information available?
The description is translated in English for all notices. The original notice is in the local language of the notice. For some notices, we translate the original notice to English.
Q Do we need to pay for adding/removing keywords from the profile?
All modifications are free and you can add/remove keywords to your profile unlimited times for your chosen sector.
Q What are the sources of collecting tender information?
We collect information from various authenticated sources like newspapers, magazine, tendering authorities' portals and even tendering authorities send us the information directly for uploading it on our website. Our associates also send us the information of local tenders published in newspapers.
Q How often the tenders are uploaded on the website?
We publish new notices and corrigendum's on all working days.
Q Does it only include government tenders?
We upload government tenders, public tenders and tenders from some authenticated sources.
Q Can we export the tenders for later purpose?
Yes, the first 100/500 notices in the results can be exported for offline study.
Q What is the limit of searches I can perform?
There is no limit on the number of searches that can be performed.
Q Is there any limit on viewing the details of the notices?
Yes, the fair usage policy applies for viewing the details. You can view details of 100 notices per day.
Q What will be my username?
Your username is your email address.
Q How to modify my profile?
The profile can be modified either through My products and services or add keywords section of your dashboard. Alternatively, you can contact your account manager to make the changes on your behalf
Q What all services do you offer?
Please click on the following link to view all the services offered by us -
Q What are the benefits of publishing notices on Global Tenders? is one of the largest tender information services providers and has a huge number of subscribers and visitors from all over the world. Publishing your global/domestic tender notices, international/national competitive bid notices on will maximize your reach globally. Tender notices published on are in a consistent, high quality and easy to read format. Our clients include Government Ministries/Organizations/Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, Funding Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, International Financial Institutions, Private Sectors, Multi National Companies etc.
Q How can I publish and market my tenders?
You can publish your notices by connecting with us by writing to us at contact[@] or through the following form -
Q What is the Eligibility for publishing notices on Global Tenders?
Only Government, public or established private organizations can publish their notices on Global Tenders.
Q Where is the tender published?
The tender is published in the Free to view section and the Home page.
Q How can I publish my tenders on the home page?
The tenders can be published on the home page in select packages.
Q Who can view my tenders marketed on the website?
The tenders can be viewed by all visitors, subscribers and non subscribers.
Q Are the tenders published for a fixed duration or till the last date of the advertisement?
The notices are available in the free to view section till one year after the expiry of the tender.
Q What are the subscription packages?
We offer three different monthly and annual packages, suiting the needs of every company -
Q How to receive a daily alert?
The daily alerts are automatically set in the regular plus and premium subscriptions.
Q What payment methods do you accept?
We accept the subscription amount through credit card and bank transfers.
Q Do you store credit card/bank transfer details in your database for auto-renewal of subscription?
No, we do not store any payment details. In case of credit card transfers, the amount is processed through paypal and we do not receive and save any credit card details except the name, address and email used to make the payment.
Q What are the refund policies?
Once the subscription has been activated, the amount cannot be refunded. If the subscription has not been activated, the amount will be refunded after deducting the bank or paypal charges.
Q Can I cancel the subscription plan at any time?
Yes, the subscription can be cancelled anytime. The subscription period will be valid till the expiry date and will not get renewed.
Q Can I upgrade my monthly subscription to annual subscription during the subscription period?
Yes, you can switch from monthly to annual subscription by paying the balance amount.