External Ex-post Evaluation Package

Japan has Released a tender for External Ex-post Evaluation Package in Banking, Finance, Insurance and Securities (BFIS). The tender was released on Aug 11, 2022. The GT reference number for the notice is 476688643. The scope of work comes under Survey analysis services

Country - Japan

Summary - External Ex-post Evaluation Package

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  Organization Details:

  Address - Japan

  Contact details - 565656565

  Tender notice no. - 76454545

  GT Ref Id - 476688643

  Document Type - Tender Notices

  Notice Details:

  Description - Tenders are invited for External Ex-Post Evaluation Package III-3 by Project in FY2022 (Indonesia, Bangladesh) (QCBS) JICA extracts lessons and recommendations for improving projects and systems,   and provides them to the public. Post-evaluation is conducted for the purpose of accountability. In particular, the cooperation amount is less than 1 billion yen. Ex-post consultation by an external party for some projects with a maximum of 100 million yen and all projects above 1 billion yen Conduct evaluations and publish the results to ensure full accountability to the public I am planning to T

Gt Ref Id - 476688643

Deadline - Sep 02, 2022

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