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Invitation To A Market Dialogue - Gis

IKOMM AS Norway has Released a tender for Invitation To A Market Dialogue - Gis in GIS/ GPS. The tender was released on Jun 06, 2023.

Country - Norway

Summary - Invitation To A Market Dialogue - Gis

Deadline - Jun 05, 2024

GT reference number - 67134413

Product classification - Digital mapping services

Organization Details:

  Address - Norway

  Contact details - 565656565

  Tender notice no. - 76454545

  GT Ref Id - 67134413

  Document Type - Tender Notices

Notice Details and Documents:

Description - The Lillehammer region, Mid-Gudbrandsdalen and North-Gudbrandsdalen have a collaboration for the pocuement of a Geographical Information System (GIS).This is a prior information notice where we invite relevant stakeholders to a market dialogue. We ai m at holding physical dialogue meetings on 9 and/or 10 August.The registration deadline is 23 June 2023.The details of the invitation are attached to the attached document.Registration is via the communications module in Mercell.Please also contact Mercell if there are any questions about this invitation.

Gt Ref Id - 67134413

Deadline - Jun 05, 2024

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