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Amgros 2024-1.162.A.

AMGROS I/S Denmark has Released a tender for Amgros 2024-1.162.A. in Pharmaceuticals. The tender was released on Jun 05, 2023.

Country - Denmark

Summary - Amgros 2024-1.162.A.

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GT reference number - 67093372

Product classification - Pharmaceutical products

Organization Details:

  Address - Denmark

  Contact details - 565656565

  Tender notice no. - 76454545

  GT Ref Id - 67093372

  Document Type - Tender Notices

Notice Details and Documents:

Description - Amgros is a partnership with the 5 regions as stakeholders. With a view to supplying the stakeholders' hospital pharmacies with pharmaceuticals as well as individual stakeholders' resale to the Faroe Islands and Greenland, Amgros I/S wishes to enter into framework agreements for the pharmaceuticals specified in section II.2.4. The framework agreements are non-exclusive. Amgros I/S resells the medicines to the hospital pharmacies at Amgros I/S' purchase price with a surcharge. The framework agreements are entered into without any obligation to purchase, and the hospital pharmacies in the regions are not obliged to use Amgros' framework agreements.

Gt Ref Id - 67093372

Deadline - Aug 22, 2023

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