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The Middle East and North Africa. It is also known as WANA, which alternatively refers to the Middle East as Western Asia. As a regional identifier, MENA is often used in academia, military planning, disaster relief, media planning and business writing. Moreover, the region shares a number of cultural, economic, and environmental similarities across its comprising countries; for example, some of the most extreme impacts of climate change will be felt in MENA. Some terms have a wider definition than MENA, such as MENAP or Greater Middle East, which extends to South Asia to include the countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The term MENAT explicitly includes Turkey, which is usually excluded from some MENA definitions, even though Turkey is almost always considered part of the Middle East. Countries in mena are Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

We collect the information about MENA Global Tenders, Advertised Tender Notices, EOI, Procurement News, Project Information, Contract Awards, RFPs, RFQs, Bidding Information from various sources like: MENA official government tender websites, MENA e-tendering system, periodicals and newspapers. And some organiztions from MENA send the tender notices to be published directly to us.

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Tender Notices
- Request for Proposal/Request for Quotation or Tenders is an invitation for suppliers, often through a bidding process, to submit a proposal on a specific product/work/service.

GlobalTenders Project Information from MENA

Project Information
- Projects come much before tenders in the project life-cycle. Projects are "broad" notices indicating the sector in which the buyer will procure goods or services in future. This helps manufacturers/suppliers to get ready and arrange for resources for the future big orders and they can plan the expansion of their business.

GlobalTenders Procurement News from MENA

Procurement News
- Procurement News provides business development opportunities from the private and public sector, subcontracting opportunities in the form of contract award news, a way to keep you updated all the time. It keeps updated with all the changes in your industry.

Some examples of the updated business opportunities-

MENA Global Software Tender Notices and Projects
MENA Global Electrical Energy and Power Tender Notices and Projects
MENA Global Consultancy Tender Notices and Projects
MENA Global Health Services Tender Notices and Projects
MENA Global Medical Tender Notices and Projects
MENA Global Construction Tender Notices and Projects
MENA Global Transportation Tender Notices and Projects
MENA Global Pharmaceutical Tender Notices and Projects

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Below are the global tender notices from - MENA
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