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Tenders Notices And Bids from Industry Sector

Below are the global tender notices from - Industry Sector
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Sector:Industry,Infrastructure and construction
Country :United States
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:31 Dec 2021
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Summary:4,320 MW-Dasu Hydropower Project
Sector:Renewable Energy,Infrastructure and construction,Water and Sanitation,Machinery and Equipments(M&E),Consultancy
Country :PakistanEstimated Cost:USD 42780000000
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:31 Dec 2022
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Summary:The project of Magnetic diagnostics.
Sector:Metals and Non-Metals
Country :Italy
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:14 Jun 2035
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Summary:The project of Stress-strain testing and 3D deformation on Nb3Sn strands and cables for clarification of model coil results and validation of mechanical models.
Sector:Minerals and Mining
Country :Netherlands
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:31 May 2040
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Summary:The development of porcelain samples for the vacuum brazing of porcelain to titanium.
Sector:Metals and Non-Metals
Country :France
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:30 Nov 2022
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Summary: The project of MHD effect on liquid metal corrosion: experimental and numerical investigation of MHD effects on liquid metal corrosion: build-up of a test loop, first experiments with artificial sur
Sector:Metals and Non-Metals
Country :Latvia
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:31 Dec 2031
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Summary:IN Work Package 1 the activity is going to be focussed on the energetical wood exploitation for short and medium term (2000,2010), establishing the destinations of wood combustible biomass, dynamics o
Sector:Energy, Power and Electrical,Laboratory Equipment and Services ,Industry
Country :Romania
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:21 May 2060
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Summary:The primary objective of the proposed work programme is to promote export prospects for EU industry and service providers in the field of efficient utilisation of low volatile coals in the power secto
Sector:Laboratory Equipment and Services ,Industry
Country :United Kingdom
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:11 Apr 2056
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Summary:The project of Low-cost compact solar heaters made of plastic materials and composites.
Sector:Plastic and Rubber
Country :Spain
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:05 May 2063
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Summary:The proposal includes tasks that directly assist the EU CCT industry to develop technology and innovation strategies, particularly with respect to the Kyoto mechanisms and to bridging the gap between
Sector:Industry,Laboratory Equipment and Services
Country :United Kingdom
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:04 Jul 2047
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