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Tenders Notices And Bids from Construction Materials Sector

Below are the global tender notices from - Construction Materials Sector
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Summary:Supply Of Geomembranes For The Takon Storage Platform
Sector:Textile, Apparel and Footwear ,Construction Materials
Country :Benin
Notice Type:Procurement ForecastDeadline:30 Sep 2020
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Summary:Procurement Of Concrete Poles For The Deployment Of Column Planting Routes In Gia Lai Province
Sector:Construction Materials
Country :VietnamEstimated Cost:VND 479098472
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:06 Jul 2020
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Summary:Construction Equipment
Sector:Construction Materials ,Machinery and Equipments(M&E)
Country :VietnamEstimated Cost:VND 4431350000
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:07 Jul 2020
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Summary:Supply And Delivery Of Empty Cement Bag And Nylon Crate
Sector:Construction Materials
Country :Nepal
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:16 Jul 2020
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Summary:Materials For Construction Work
Sector:Industry,Construction Materials ,Metals and Non-Metals
Country :Japan
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:18 Aug 2020
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Summary:Construction Materials (building Materials)
Sector:Construction Materials
Country :UkraineEstimated Cost:UAH 3800000
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:16 Jul 2020
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Summary:Delivery Of Precast Concrete Foundations 2020
Sector:Construction Materials
Country :Germany
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:15 Jul 2020
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Summary:Ready Mix Concrete
Sector:Construction Materials
Country :Pakistan
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:10 Aug 2020
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Summary:Design, Construction And Equipment Of The Facility: "construction Of The Fap In The Village Of Holki, Chernyansky District"
Sector:Construction Materials ,Consultancy - Architecture and Urban Development
Country :RussiaEstimated Cost:RUB 5967800
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:10 Jul 2020
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Summary:Drinking Water Supply Projects In Chichaoua Province
Sector:Construction Materials ,Machinery and Equipments(M&E),Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction
Country :Morocco
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:31 Dec 2021
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