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  Organization Details:
Organization Name: Israel Post Ltd
Address: Israel

Contact Person: -
Notice Details:
GT Ref ID: 027327
Tender Notice Type: Tender
Bidding Type: International
Tender Notice No: 175746
Description: Israel Post Ltd. (IPC) hereby invites offers as follows:

SAAS solution for the couriers operation management system (tender no. 175746)

This Invitation is intended for bidders who satisfy cumulatively all the following threshold conditions:

1. The bidder is the manufacturer of the proposed System.

2. The bidder operates by itself a cloud infrastructure or made an agreement with an entity that provides cloud infrastructures that is in one of the countries to which it is possible to transfer data, in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Israel Privacy Regulations (Transfer of Data Abroad) 5761-2001 [according to the position of the Privacy Protection Authority: there is no preclusion preventing the transfer of data from Israel to the EU member states, and to states that ceased to be members in the EU, however that continue to apply and actually perform the provisions of the EU laws regarding protection of personal data even after their retirement from the EU].

3. The bidder has experience of 3 (three) years as a minimum in the last 3 years that preceded the last date for receipt of bids in the Tender, in the implementation and the development of information systems in Hebrew.

Or, alternatively:

3.1. In its bid the bidder will introduce a subcontractor who will perform the implementation and the customization of the System according to the requirements laid down in the Requirements Specification and who complies with the following requirements:

3.1.1. It is a corporation that was lawfully incorporated in Israel;

3.1.2. It has experience of at least 3 (three) years, in the last 3 years that preceded the last date for receipt of bids in the Tender, in the implementation and the development of information systems in Hebrew.

4. The bidder has a helpdesk that supports the proposed platform in Hebrew all days of the year, for 24 (twenty-four) hours/7 (seven) days a week (except for Yom Kippur).

5. In the last 5 (five) years that preceded the last date for submission of the bids in the Tender, the bidder provided, for a period of 2 (two) years as a minimum, services for a courier management system in SaaS (Software as a Service) model to at least one customer (that is not owned by the bidder) and that provided B2C and B2B courier services on the date of performance of the Services by the System, by at least 100 (one hundred) couriers.

6. The bid will be submitted by one bidder. A joint bid submitted by a number of bidders together will be rejected.

7. The bidder is required to satisfy in person the threshold conditions set out in sections 1 and 5 above. The Postal Company will not allow that any person or entity other than the bidder will satisfy the said threshold conditions, including a parent company controlling the bidder and/or a subsidiary controlled by the bidder (within the meaning of these terms in the Securities Law 5728-1968) and/or any company and the bidder under the control of the said parent company ('fellow subsidiary'). "Control" in this section, as defined in the Securities Law 5728-1968.

8. The bidder shall be entitled to satisfy the threshold conditions set forth in sub-sections 2, 3. and 4 above by a subcontractor/subcontractor on its behalf that will be stated by the bidder in its bid in the Tender.

Without in any way limiting the right of IPC (Israel Post) to postpone, extend or change any of the times and dates set out in the Tender Documents, at its sole discretion and at any time (including in proximity to the following dates), the anticipated schedule for the Tender Process shall be as follows:

Final Date for Requests for Clarification: February 15th, 2022

Final bid Submission Date: March 15th, 2022, 12:00 pm (Israel time).

The full tender documents can be downloaded in IPC's website:

Request for details, questions or clarifications shall be addressed to Ziv Goldstein at email addres: and to Eyal Yitzchak, at email address:

- IPC does not undertake to accept the cheapest bid or a part thereof or any bid for the purpose of this matter, and it shall be entitled to accept a bid in whole or in part and even reject or disqualify all bids.

- IPC shall be entitled to conduct negotiations with the bidder that will take part in the second stage of the tender process.

- IPC Company shall be entitled to cancel the Tender, or a part thereof and/or publish a new tender at any time, following its decision and at its sole discretion, without providing any explanations to the bidders or to any other entity, and without advance notice, and the bidders shall have no argument and/or demand against the Postal Company in connection with such cancellation as said.

- Bidders are obliged to follow the updates and clarifications published on IPC's website until the deadline for of the submission of bids.

- In the event of a discrepancy between tender documents and this announcement, the tender documents shall prevail.

Deadline: 15 March 2022; 12:00hrs
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