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  Organization Details:
Organization Name: K-Electric Limited
Address: General Manager (Project Procurement)
1st Floor, Procurement Division
Building J, Elander Road (Powerhouse) Complex,
off I.I. Chundrigar Road,

Contact Person:
Notice Details:
GT Ref ID: 027311
Notice Type: Expression of Interest
Bidding Type: International
Notice No:

In pursuit of its vision of supplying reliable energy to Karachi and its adjoining areas, K-Electric (the "Company") intends to establish a new 900 MW combined cycle power plant and upgrade its associated transmission infrastructure. K-Electric (the "Company") is intending to seek Expression of Interest (EOI) from experienced and seasoned Consultants for witnessing the heat rate test and the capacity test on its newly constructed 900MW combined cycle power generation facility. The tests are regulatory requirement from NEPRA and will be performed as per the scope approved by the regulatory authority.

The selection of Independent Engineer will be based upon their technical competence and financial viability, and in consideration of NEPRA's advice.

Please submit your EOI by email to with the subject line "EOI for Independent Engineer for 900 MW Combined Cycle and Associated Projects" no later than 1st November, 2021. Advance copy of the EOI should be submitted by email followed by hard copy (original + one copy) via mail in a sealed envelope at the address provided herein below and by email from your official email ID identifying the party interested in bidding and providing a contact person for such interested party, their designation, official address, phone number and email address for future correspondence. If the bidder is a consortium or Joint Venture (JV), the information required above must be provided for each member of the consortium or JV along with the designation of the lead partner. Only one EOI can be submitted for a consortium or JV. Any interested bidder responding to this request for EOI must have proven experience at the least, but not limited to the following:

i. Detailed company profile

ii. A brief description of the Independent Engineer organisation and an outline of recent experience on assignments of a similar nature. For each assignment, the outline should indicate, inter alia, the profiles of the staff proposed, duration of the assignment, contract amount, and Independent Engineer's involvement.

iii. List of power plants where the bidder has worked as Independent Engineer and successfully conducted heat rate and capacity tests. Details of similar projects under execution may also be provided.

iv. Composition of the team, team lead, and similar experience of the team/team lead in combined cycle power plants along with their respective CVs must be provided.

v. Valid Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) certificate

vi. Audited financial statement of last two years.

The EOI must include as an attachment (i) an affidavit certifying that the interested party/consortium meets the eligibility criteria stated above and (ii) copies of relevant documents demonstrating fulfilment of eligibility criteria. Any EOI without such affidavit and desired documents shall not be considered. Only parties submitting an EOI in accordance with the above requirements shall be eligible to participate in the bidding process for the Project. The Company reserves the right to reject any or all EOls it receives and shall not be under any obligation to disclose its reason for doing so.

Note: Any amendment or corrigendum with regard to the subject will only be issued on KE's website,

General Manager (Project Procurement)
1st Floor, Procurement Division, K-Electric Limited
Building J, Elander Road (Powerhouse) Complex, off I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan.

Deadline: 01 November 2021
Soft Copy:  Original Document  (733 KB)