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  Organization Details:
Organization Name: Mekorot Water Company Ltd.
Address: Central Tenders Committee
Lincoln Street,
Tel Aviv,

Website -
Contact Person:  
Notice Details:
GT Ref ID: 027287
Notice Type: Tender Notice
Bidding Type: International
Notice No: 23-2021
Description: Mekorot Water Company Ltd

Tender No. 23-2021

Invitation to Submit Bids

Tender for the Appointment of a Panel of Service Providers for Detailed Design Services For Mekorot Water Company

1. General

1.1 Mekorot Water Company Ltd. ("Mekorot") is a government company in the State of Israel which exists for over 83 years and supplies the residents of the State of Israel more than 80% of their drinking water and about 70% of the overall water consumption. In the framework of its activity, Mekorot also engages in development of the water sector, in the laying of pipelines, the construction of pools and water reservoirs, water treatment plants, etc.

1.2 Mekorot is the largest producer and supplier of water in Israel. Mekorot operates approximately 4,000 facilities nationwide, through approximately 2,200 employees at Mekorot and its subsidiary companies. Mekorot's expected capital investment average annual budget for the next decade is estimated to be 1.5-2 billion NIS per year. In order to deliver the various projects, Mekorot is assisted by the services of design service providers possessing knowhow, experience and ability in the design of water production, treatment, storage and conveyance.

Therefore, Mekorot intends to publish 4 different tenders:

a) A tender for general design service panel - the purpose of which is the preparation of feasibility studies for water supply systems which incorporate engineering, environmental and regulatory factors for the approval of Mekorot and of Israel's Water Authority;

b) A tender for a statutory design services panel - which will concentrate on detailed statutory design services on the national and district levels (National Outline Plans, National Infrastructure Plans and Municipal Building Plans) in the framework of early design;

Whereas both above-mentioned tenders require a preliminary, in-depth acquaintance with the Israeli water sector and with Israeli regulations, both tenders A and B will be published in Hebrew and will focus on Israeli incorporated companies which have the relevant requirements and qualifications.

c) Tender for a detailed design panel - designers on this panel shall provide detailed design services for the various water treatment and supply plants of Mekorot: drilling, pump stations, pipelines, tanks, reservoirs, water treatment and cathodic protection etc.

As much as the designers in this panel are required to employ engineering consultants for the execution of various tasks, the relevant designer will be able to provide the consulting services only through a dedicated register of consultants. Mekorot will publish a tender for entering to this register of consultants that will include professional consultants who meet the relevant threshold conditions. Only consultants who are registered in the consultant register mentioned in section "d" below will be employed;

d) Tender for the establishment of a register of expert consultants for various design services - an open register for the registration of all the expert engineering consultants in various fields including, inter alia, surveying, soil, geology and seismic consulting, ecology, acoustics, safety, accessibility, etc. As mentioned above, as much as a designer registered in the detailed design register wishes to employ a certain engineering consultant for tasks as part of the detailed design within the framework of his work, the designer must register that consultant in the consultant register as per the requirements of the tender for the professional consultant register in Mekorot.

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Deadline: 03 June 2021; 12:00 pm Israel Time
Soft Copy: Original Document (205 KB)