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  Organization Details:
Organization Name: K-Electric Limited
Address: 1st Floor, Procurement Division, Block J,
Elander Road (Power House) Complex,

Phone +92 21 32637133

Contact Person: -
Notice Details:
GT Ref ID: 027149
Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice
Bidding Type: International
Tender Notice No: -

K-Electric Limited (the "Company") is considering the procurement of regasified LNG ("RLNG") to be delivered at plant gate of the Bin Qasim Power Station ("BQPS") located in Karachi, Pakistan. The RLNG will be utilised to meet the fuel requirements of its two Combined Cycle Gas Turbine ("CCGT") power plants at the Bin Qasim Power Complex, namely BQPS II and BQPS III. BQPS II is an existing 560 MW CCGT power plant while BQPS III is a new 900 MW CCGT power plant that is scheduled to begin operations in 2021.

The Company is seeking expressions of interest ("EOI") from interested parties to participate in the bidding for RLNG supply for either one or both of the following tranches:

Tranche A: at least 150 MMscf/d of RLNG under a three and a half-year contract, starting from fourth quarter of the year 2020 using any of the existing LNG import terminals in Pakistan, with the option of contract renewal based on mutually agreed terms.

Tranche B: at least 250 MMscf/d of RLNG under a fifteen year contract, starting from the second quarter of the year 2024 using any of the existing and/or prospective new LNG import terminals in Pakistan.

Please submit your EOI by email from your official email ID to with the subject line "RLNG EOI" identifying the party interested in bidding, providing a contact person for such interested party, designation, official address, phone number and email address for future correspondence followed by three (03) hard copies (1 original + 2 copies) through post to the address provided herein below no later than August 9, 2019.

If the bidder is a consortium, the above information must be provided for each member of the consortium along with the designation of the lead partner and consortium structure. Only one EOI should be submitted for each consortium.

Any party responding to this request for EOI must be a terminal developer or a RLNG supplier, with experience of handling an equivalent or larger quantity of LNG supply, demonstrating:

a. For Tranche A: availability of regasification capacity of at least 150 MMscf/d from any of the existing LNG regasification terminal(s) in Pakistan; and/or;

b. For Tranche B: expected availability of regasification capacity of at least 250 MMscf/d from any of the existing and/or prospective new LNG regasification terminal(s)

The EOI must include as an attachment (i) an affidavit certifying that the interested party/consortium meets the eligibility criteria stated above and (ii) copies of relevant documents demonstrating fulfilment of eligibility criteria, including any provisional Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority licence or other evidence of engagement with government. Any EOI without such affidavit and desired documents shall not be considered.

Other detailed evaluation criterion shall be stipulated in the request for proposal ("RFP").

Only parties submitting an EOI in accordance with the above requirements shall be issued the RFP for participation in the bidding process. The Company reserves the right to reject any or all of the EOIs it receives and shall be under no obligation to disclose its reason whatsoever for doing so.

The Company shall not be liable for any expenses and/or costs incurred by the interested parites/consortium as a result thereof. Further, the Company also reserves the right to request for any additional information for the purposes of the EOI evaluation.

All addendums (if any) against subject requirement will be published on Company's website only.

Postal Address for Submission of Hard/Soft Copies:

Subject: "RLNG EOI"

General Manager – Project Procurement
1st Floor, Procurement Division – Block J,
Elander Road Power House Complex, Off I.I. Chundrigar Road,
Postal Code 74200,
Karachi, Pakistan.
Deadline: 09 August 2019
Soft Copy:  Original Document  (235 KB)