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  Organization Details:
Organization Name: CDPQ Infra Inc.
Address: Procurement Team
1000 place Jean Paul Riopelle
Edifice Jacques-Parizeau
Montreal (Quebec) H2Z 2B3

Contact Person: -
Notice Details:
GT Ref ID: 027162
Tender Notice Type: Request For Qualification
Bidding Type: International
Tender Notice No: 00-5040
Description: PURPOSE

The purpose of this Request for qualification 00-5040 (the "Request for qualification") is to establish a list of potential proponents minimally meeting the qualification requirements described in Section 4 below, and capable of providing cost estimation services (the "Services") for all components of a railed public transit system (Tramway, LRT, Light Subway, Subway, etc), as well as energy, operating and maintenance components. These services may be required for various projects around the world.

Any candidate for this Request for qualification (a "Respondent") who satisfies CDPQ Infra's qualification, eligibility and compliance requirements (a "Qualified respondent") will be invited to participate in subsequent Requests for Proposals ("Requests for proposals") issued by CDPQ Infra or one of its affiliated companies.


The Services of the Requests for proposals that will follow this Request for qualification will focus on the cost estimation services, in support of CDPQ Infra, for ail components of railed public transit projects considering their respective geographical location, in particular:

- Construction Costs for the complete infrastructure, including engineering structures, tunnels, stations, maintenance and storage facilities, railways, traction power and low current power systems;

- The costs for rolling stock, fixed and onboard communication and information systems, SCADA, security and intrusion detection equipment and any other equipment or system forming part of the project;

- The costs for energy, operation, maintenance and Life Cycle Cost.

These services will draw on the Qualified respondent's knowledge of the costs in the different markets and in the different regions concerned, as well as on observed trends and on the basis of its experience in the sector, in order to produce a cost estimation for complex projects in a specific local environment.

The supplier will work in close collaboration with CDPQ Infra and/or with other external consultants selected by CDPQ Infra, including engineering firms responsible for the infrastructure design.

The Services will also focus on the production of parametric cost estimation tables or other methods that the Qualified respondent masters and which will have to be implemented according to the project type and location.

This Request for qualification does not constitute, directly or indirectly, an offer to enter into a contract and does not require CDPQ Infra, or any of its affiliates, to enter into such a contract with any party. CDPQ Infra may at any time terminate or amend this Request for qualification process at its sole discretion.

Deadline: 13 May, 2019, 27 May, 2019 13:00pm (EDT)
Updates:  Corrigendum - English/French  (222 KB)

Soft Copy:  Original Document - English  (5925 KB)

 Original Document - French  (5948 KB)