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  Organization Details:
Organization Name: Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC)
Address: Al-Sharif Al-Hussein Bin All Street
Aqaba- Jordan

Phone: +962 3 201 9100 ext. 279

Contact Person: -
Notice Details:
GT Ref ID: 027076
Tender Notice Type: Expression Of Interest
Bidding Type: International
Tender Notice No: -
Description: Aids to Navigation and Anchor Mooring Buoys for Aqaba Coastline

Expression of Interest

Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) is the central development corporation for the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ). The ports development is one of Jordan's national infrastructure priorities and will constitute a major element of the country's long-term economic growth, as it is part of its sole maritime gateway and a key component of ASEZ's emerging positioning as a leading multi-modal logistical trade gateway for the Levant region on the Red Sea.

Due to the changes and challenges that occurred in the ports of Aqaba and along the coast of Jordanian territorial waters create new ports, container port development , passenger port and new berths as well as develop new ports facilities along the northern coast line, ADC requires an evaluation study for all navigational zones and terminals of ships along the coast line, update aids to navigation and ships anchor area with recommendation of establishing new Aids to Navigation and anchoring Mooring Buoy.

Therefore, ADC wishes to employ a joint venture consisted of an international consultant specialized in the field of Aids to Navigation and Mooring Buoy with a Jordanian consultant classified as first grade consultant at the at the Tendering Department / Ministry of public works and housing in Jordan to execute the tasks identified in the RFP and related to the preparation of the design and tender documents for “Aqaba Coast Line” Aids to Navigation and Mooring Buoy.

ADC is pleased to invite all interested firms to submit a request to obtain the Expression of Interest (EOI) form to Newport email account ( ) copying ( ), ( ) and ( ) to be returned filled, signed and stamped and via email to the same addresses no later than Sunday August 27th 2017.

Subject to the provided information in the EOI firm, ADC in its sole discretion may provide the interested firm with a copy of Request for proposal (RFP).

For questions please contact us Tel. +962 3 201 9100 ext. 279.

This invitation does not constitute an offer; nor is it a legally binding promise to tender the project. ADC reserves the right not to continue with the tendering process, to cancel the opportunity, or choose another approach for the project.
Deadline: 27 August 2017
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