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  Organization Details:
Organization Name: Tribunal Supremo - UGEA
Address: Avenida Vladimir Lenine no.103, R/C
Caixa Postal no.278

Tel: +258 32 10 37/+258 32 33 06
Fax: +258 21 31 06 74

Contact Person: -
Notice Details:
GT Ref ID: 027069
Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice
Bidding Type: International
Tender Notice No: -




Development and Implementation of a Process and Document Management Electronic System

1. The Tribunal Supremo invites national and foreign legal persons interested in submitting proposals in closed letters for the "Development and Implementation of a Process Management Electronic System", in the framework of a project funded by the European Union.

2. Interested tenderers may obtain further information, examine the tender dossier (in Portuguese), or collect a copy at the address below, for a non-refundable fee of 12,000 MZN (twelve thousand meticais), or upon presentation of a deposit in the account No. 004629519009 from the Banco de Mozambique, on behalf of the Tribunal Supremo, for the subject to be contracted.

Tribunal Supremo - UGEA
Avenida Vladimir Lénine No.103, R/C
Caixa Postal No.278
Tel: +258 32 10 37/+258 32 33 06
Fax: +258 21 31 06 74

3. Foreign tenderers may request the tender documents (in Portuguese) by email: , upon presentation of proof of transfer in the following account, for the same amount mentioned in paragraph 2:

Currency: Meticais (MZN)
Beneficiary: Tribunal Supremo – Cadernos de Encargos
Bank: Banco de Moçambique
Agency name: Filial Maputo
Agency nr: 00221
Account nr: 4629.519.00.9
Swift code: BMOCMZMA
IBAN: MZ59.00000.2210.4629.519.00.9.54

4. The period of validity of the proposals shall be 90 days, counting from the date of bid opening.

5. Tenders by enclosed letter shall be delivered to the address referred to in paragraph 2 until 09.30 am on 11/08/2017 and shall be opened in public session fifteen minutes later in the presence of the tenderers who wish to participate.

6. Tenders must be accompanied by a provisional guarantee valid for 120 days for an amount of 603,000 MZN (six hundred and three thousand meticais).

7. The present tender will be governed by the Mozambican Guidelines of Procurement, approved by Decree nº 5/2016, of March 8th and by the Rules of Nationality and Origin applicable to the award of Public Contracts of European Union Grants.

Deadline: 11th. August 2017; 09:30 hrs.
Updates: -
Soft Copy: RFP RFQ Tender Notice pdf documentOriginal Document  (95 KB)