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  Organization Details:
Organization Name: Agency for Defense Development
Address: Foreign Supply Division
160, Bugyueong daero 488 beon gil(Sunam dong 111),
Yuseong, Deajeon,

Tel / Fax: +82-42-821-3953 / +82-42-842-0728


Contact Person: Ms. Yunmi Sung, International Contract Manager
Notice Details:
GT Ref ID: 026993
Tender Notice Type: Invitation For Bids
Bidding Type: International
Tender Notice No: AADD-16-122
Description: BID SUMMARY

1. INV. No. ADD-16-122

Project Name Bid Due Date Bid Place Remarks
Optical IIR Sensor Test System August 03 2016 (13:00 ~ 14:00) ADD Bidding Room (Industry-Education Complex, ADD, Daejeon) Two Step Sealed Bidding


● Foreign manufacturer or supplier having a principal place of business in abroad.


● Registration: Registration for Bid, Pledge for Security, Power of Attorney and Bid bond.

● Bid: Contract Cover Sheet with General Terms & Conditions and Special Terms & Conditions, Certificate of Compliance, Commercial Proposal including Commodity Descriptions and Technical Proposal.


● The Contract will be awarded to the responsive and responsible bidder who surely meets technical requirements in IFB and offers the lowest total price for all items.


● Technical proposal and Price proposal shall be opened separately.

● Technical proposal will be opened publicly at the above bid opening date.

And after the completion of Technical proposal review by End-user, successful bidders for technical proposal will be notified of submission of Price Proposal and it will be opened, at a date when ADD announces later.

● It is regarded as submission of valid bid bond when a qualified bidder, as provided in clause 'General instructions 1. Qualification for bidder', presents Memorandum of Payment specified in Appendix2-1 on the bid due date and time.

● Bidder's Korean agent may establish the bid bond on behalf of and for the bidder in the form of Surety Bond issued by Fidelity & Surety Co, Ltd, and can submit bid documents on behalf of the bidder. When the agent submits Bidders Information and Power of Attorney, the documents should be notarized by public certificate.

● The ADD procedures will be applied for all other matters including IFB distribution and bid document receipt.

● On the Bid date, please submit the price list separate to the bidding document.

● For more information or any inquiries regarding for;
- Commercial Affairs, please contact: Ms. Yunmi Sung, Foreign Supply Division.
Tel / Fax: +82-42-821-3953 / +82-42-842-0728 /
- Technical Affairs, please contact: Jong Hwa Choi (+82-42-821-3338)


● Delivery term: FCA international airport (if different incoterms is submitted, ADD official forwarder's transportation charge slip for the FCA term would be estimated and reflected to total contract value)

● Performance Bond: ten (10) percent of total contract value.

● Liquidated damage: late delivery at the rate of zero point fifteen (0.15)percent per a day, maximum ten(10) percent of total contract value. No grace period.

● Repayment Guarantee: Required only when down payment is requested.

Any bid that changes or modifies the General/Special Terms and Conditions in the IFB will be dropped out of bidding.

Deadline: 703 August 2016; 14:00 hrs.
Updates: -
Soft Copy: RFP RFQ Tender Notice pdf documentOriginal Document  (67 KB)

RFP RFQ Tender Notice pdf documentBid Document  (484 KB)