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Procurement Of Personal Safety And Protection Materials.

Ethiopia has Released a tender for Procurement Of Personal Safety And Protection Materials. in Textile, Apparel and Footwear . The tender was released on Dec 08, 2022. The GT reference number for the notice is 481727669. The scope of work comes under Overalls

Country - Ethiopia

Summary - Procurement Of Personal Safety And Protection Materials.

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Product classification - Overalls

Organization Details:

  Address - Ethiopia

  Contact details - 565656565

  Tender notice no. - 76454545

  GT Ref Id - 481727669

  Document Type - Tender Notices

Notice Details:

  Description - Request for Bids for Procurement of Personal Safety and protection Materials. Lot = Description of Goods 1 Procurement of Protective c overall, women's overall coats. Hats, and Waterproof Jacket o r raincoat 2 Procurement of Safetv Shoes for Men and Women 3 Procurement of Protective Gloves Leather and Plastic. Eye Safety Glass. First Aid Kit and Mask or respirators filters or parts All bids must be accompanied by a "Bid Security "CPO or unconditional Guarantee issued by a Bank for Lot-1,/50,000 Birr/ for Lot-2/ 50,000 Birr/ and for Lot-3 / 30,000 Birr / Totally for Lot 1, 2 & 3 ar

Gt Ref Id - 481727669

Deadline - Jan 05, 2023

Documents :

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