Colorless Locked Parquet Stone Will Be Purchased

Turkey has Released a tender for Colorless Locked Parquet Stone Will Be Purchased in Infrastructure and construction. The tender was released on Aug 12, 2022. The GT reference number for the notice is 476708235. The scope of work comes under Parquet flooring

Country - Turkey

Summary - Colorless Locked Parquet Stone Will Be Purchased

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  Organization Details:

  Address - Turkey

  Contact details - 565656565

  Tender notice no. - 76454545

  GT Ref Id - 476708235

  Document Type - Tender Notices

  Notice Details:

  Description - Tenders are invited for Colorless locked parquet stone will be purchased 6 cm colorless locked parquet purchase purchase purchasing municipality accounts directorate6 cm colorless carlit parquet pu  rchase workimal purchase public procurement law no. 4734 will be tendered by open tender procedure according to article 19 of the public procurement law and the bids will be received only through ekap in electronic environment. Detailed information about the auction can be found down below:

Gt Ref Id - 476708235

Deadline - Aug 23, 2022

  Documents :

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