Incubators And Refrigeration Equipment,

Lithuania has Released a tender for Incubators And Refrigeration Equipment, in Industry. The tender was released on Aug 05, 2022. The GT reference number for the notice is 476448551. The scope of work comes under Laboratory Incubators

Country - Lithuania

Summary - Incubators And Refrigeration Equipment,

Deadline - Sep 05, 2022

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  Organization Details:

  Address - Lithuania

  Contact details - 565656565

  Tender notice no. - 76454545

  GT Ref Id - 476448551

  Document Type - Tender Notices

  Notice Details:

  Description - Contract notice: incubators and refrigeration equipment, no. vu27280, vu27078, vu27275, vu27300, vu27277, vu27278, vu27283, vu27282, vu27281, vu27390 The purchase object is divided into 10 purchase parts: purchase part i - co2 incubator no. vu27078;  purchase part ii - shaking incubator no. vu27275; purchase part iii - incubation system for sted microscope, no. vu27278; part of purchase iv - shaking thermostated incubator, no. vu27282; purchase part v - shake thermostated incubator, no. vu27281; purchase part vi - (-80 °c) temperature freezer with shelves, no. vu27280; purchase part vii - homogenizer, no. vu27300; purchase part viii - work station with software, no. vu27277;ix purchase part - sds-page protein gel electrophoresis kit, no. vu27283;x purchase part - 4 c cabinet, no. vu27390.The co2 incubator is designed for growing and researching cells and other cultures.The purchased item is a shaking incubator.

Gt Ref Id - 476448551

Type of Tender - Not Specified

Tender Notice No. - Not Provided

Deadline - Sep 05, 2022

Document Type - Tender Notices

Updates - N.A

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