Samoa Agriculture & Fisheries Productivity And Marketing Project (safprom)

American Samoa has Released a tender for Samoa Agriculture & Fisheries Productivity And Marketing Project (safprom) in Agriculture, Food and Beverages . The tender was released on Jul 13, 2019. The GT reference number for the notice is 445645763. The scope of work comes under

Country - American Samoa

Summary - Samoa Agriculture & Fisheries Productivity And Marketing Project (safprom)

Deadline - Dec 31, 2022

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  Organization Details:

  Address - American Samoa

  Contact details - 565656565

  Tender notice no. - 76454545

  GT Ref Id - 445645763

  Document Type - Tender Notices

  Notice Details:

  Description - Project ID: P165873 Region: East Asia and Pacific Approval Date (as of board presentation): July 2, 2019 Commitment Amount: US$ 19.95 million Total Project Cost: US$ 23.55 million To increase the productivity and access to markets by  selected producers, to improve management of targeted productive natural resources and, in the event of an Eligible Crisis or Emergency, to provide an immediate response to the Eligible Crisis or Emergency. Key Results 22. In the context of the SAFPROM, targeted productive natural resources will explicitly refer to fisheries and mixed tree-crops farming systems (notably cocoa and coconut on the Savai’i island). This will contribute to the overall climate-resilience of these production systems (stated as an objective of the ASP 2016-2020 reflected in the SAFPROM Theory of Change). 23. The PDO level Indicators include: • Increased productivity for targeted beneficiaries, in targeted value chains, for crops and livestock, measured by: (i) increased yields of selected crops (Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, bananas, cocoa wet beans); and (ii) increased lambing and calving rates and pigs weaned per sow per year; • Improved access to markets for targeted beneficiaries, in targeted valu

Gt Ref Id - 445645763

Type of Tender - Not Specified

Tender Notice No. - Not Provided

Deadline - Dec 31, 2022

Document Type - Tender Notices

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