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American Samoa Government Tenders and Bids

Below is the latest information on Government Tenders Government Contracts, Government Public Tenders from American Samoa. The Government Public Tenders information is sourced from eprocurement portals, central eprocurement system, journals, periodicals, online bidding website.

Government tenders are public procurement opportunities that are advertised by government agencies or departments to invite bids from private companies or individuals to provide goods or services to the government. These tenders are usually published on government websites or in local newspapers and are open for a specified period of time.

The process of government tendering usually involves the following steps:

Notice: The government agency or department publishes a notice inviting bids for a specific project or service.

Bidding: Interested parties submit their bids, which include a proposal detailing how they plan to deliver the goods or services required by the government.

Evaluation: The bids are evaluated by the government agency or department based on a set of criteria, such as price, quality, and experience.

Award: The government agency or department awards the contract to the bidder that meets the evaluation criteria and is deemed to be the best fit for the project or service.

Implementation: The winning bidder executes the project or service according to the terms of the contract.

GlobalTenders, one of the largest and most trusted sources for Tendering opportunities and Business Intelligence. With the aim of making information easier to access, Global Tenders was established as a business connect platform in 2002. GlobalTenders has more than two decades of experience in tender business.

On GlobalTenders you'll find the most comprehensive and authentic American Samoa Tenders Database. GlobalTenders collects tender notices, contract awards, procurement opportunities from various sources in American Samoa. Some of sources for American Samoa Government Contracts and Tenders are:

American Samoa Government Tenders Sites
American Samoa Ministry Tenders Sites
American Samoa Government Tender Bulletins
American Samoa eTendering System
American Samoa Central Government Tenders Websites
American Samoa Public Procurement System
American Samoa eTender Portal
American Samoa Tender Periodicals
American Samoa Government Eprocurement Sites
American Samoa Government Department Tenders Sites
American Samoa State Government Tenders Sites
American Samoa Municipal Corporation Tenders

Global Tenders, through its proprietary algorithms offers an advanced yet simple to use search option through which the notices can be filtered according to the keywords, sectors, regions, product classifier, deadline, estimated cost with an option to export the results or set as daily email alerts.

Industry Sectors/Categories Covered in American Samoa:
We cover all the industry segments in American Samoa related to Tender Notices, Contract Awards, Procurement News etc. Some of the main sectors/categories are as below: American Samoa Agriculture Tenders
American Samoa Airports Tenders
American Samoa Aviation Tenders
American Samoa Banking And Finance Tenders
American Samoa Bridges Tenders
American Samoa Building Tenders
American Samoa Construction Materials Tenders
American Samoa Consultancy Tenders
American Samoa Defence Tenders
American Samoa Education and Training Tenders
American Samoa Energy, Power and Electrical Tenders
American Samoa Environment and Pollution Tenders
American Samoa Fire Safety and Security Tenders
American Samoa Healthcare and Medicine Tenders
American Samoa Information Technology(IT) Tenders
American Samoa Infrastructure and construction Tenders
American Samoa Marine Tenders
American Samoa Metals and non metals Tenders
American Samoa Minerals and Mining Tenders
American Samoa Non-Renewable Energy Tenders
American Samoa Oil And Gas Tenders
American Samoa Railways Tenders
American Samoa Renewable Energy Tenders
American Samoa Roads and Highways Tenders
American Samoa Software Services Tenders
American Samoa Sports and leisure Tenders
American Samoa Technology Hardware and Equipment Tenders
American Samoa Telecommunications Tenders
American Samoa Transportation Tenders
American Samoa Travel and Tourism Tenders
American Samoa Tunnels Tenders
American Samoa Water and Sanitation Tenders

A complete list of sectors covered by GlobalTenders can be found in the Country Sectors Section

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Infrastructure and construction
American Samoa
Notice Type:
Invitation for Bids
21 Jun 2023
Energy, Power and Electrical
American Samoa
Notice Type:
Invitation for Bids
09 Jun 2023
Energy, Power and Electrical
American Samoa
Notice Type:
Invitation for Bids
09 Jun 2023