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Project Information - Projects come much before tenders in the project lifecycle. Projects are "broad" notices indicating the sector in which the buyer will procure goods or services in future. This helps manufacturer's/suppliers to get ready and arrange for resources for the future big orders and they can plan the expansion of their business. Below are the project information from - Cyprus

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Summary:This project will develop a low-frequency, transmembrane, sonic back-pulsing device to reduce or eliminate the rate of fouling and concentration polarisation of membranes. The objective is to design a
Country :Cyprus
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:22 Jan 2024
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Summary:The FEMOPET-Cyprus, founded by the Applied Energy Centre (AEC), is proposed as a Member of the OPET Network for Cyprus and it will operate exclusively as an OPET for Cyprus. Considering the wide range
Sector:Renewable Energy,Laboratory Equipment and Services
Country :Cyprus
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:06 Aug 2031
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Summary:Providing New Vehicle - Hatchback
Sector:Automobiles and Auto Parts
Country :Cyprus
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:19 Mar 2021
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Summary:Providing Provision Of Services For Cleaning Wild Vegetation And Other Waste From Plots
Sector:Agriculture, Food and Beverages
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 42000
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:19 Mar 2021
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Summary:Providing Spare Parts For No.3 Boilers Safety Valves At Vasilikos Power Station.
Sector:Machinery and Equipments(M&E)
Country :Cyprus
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:07 Apr 2021
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Summary:Providing Conversion Of Existing Double Tables To Single
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 97560
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:16 Mar 2021
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Summary:Providing Provision Of Services For Conversion Of Single Seat Desks From Existing Double Desks
Country :Cyprus
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:18 Mar 2021
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Summary:Providing Rent Of Eighteen (18) Mechanical Excavators (digger) With Engine Efficiency 65kw And Above For Work In Various Areas Of Larnaca Province»
Sector:Services,Machinery and Equipments(M&E)
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 535000
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:02 Apr 2021
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Summary:Supply And Transport Of Ready-mixed Concrete Of Category C20 And C30 In Various Areas Of Larnaca District
Sector:Construction Materials
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 136770
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:09 Apr 2021
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Summary:Providing Investment Of Earth Graves With Ready Concrete On The Old Road Of Nicosia - Limassol
Sector:Construction Materials ,Roads and Highways
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 23707
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:26 Mar 2021
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