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Summary:This project will develop a low-frequency, transmembrane, sonic back-pulsing device to reduce or eliminate the rate of fouling and concentration polarisation of membranes. The objective is to design a
Country :Cyprus
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:22 Jan 2024
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Summary:The FEMOPET-Cyprus, founded by the Applied Energy Centre (AEC), is proposed as a Member of the OPET Network for Cyprus and it will operate exclusively as an OPET for Cyprus. Considering the wide range
Sector:Renewable Energy,Laboratory Equipment and Services
Country :Cyprus
Notice Type:Project InformationDeadline:06 Aug 2031
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Summary:Supply Of Construction Materials
Sector:Construction Materials
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 270000
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:12 Jul 2021
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Summary:Supply Of Electromagnetic Hydrometers For The Needs Of Tau
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 62500
Notice Type:PrequalificationDeadline:06 Jul 2021
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Summary:Providing Provision Of Agricultural Services For The Control Of Public Spaces Green And Other Related Works
Sector:Agriculture, Food and Beverages
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 36000
Notice Type:PrequalificationDeadline:02 Jul 2021
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Summary:Supply, Installation, Installation And Maintenance Of An Elevator In The Fresnel Building Of The Cyprus Institute
Sector:Machinery and Equipments(M&E),Infrastructure and construction
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 25000
Notice Type:PrequalificationDeadline:02 Jul 2021
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Summary:Supply Of Manual Flashlight Butters And Butterfly Type Valves For The Needs Of The Service. . And Co., Of Op. Famagusta, Of Op Larnaca And For The New Antl. Sf
Sector:Machinery and Equipments(M&E),Telecommunications
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 125070
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:06 Jul 2021
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Summary:Supply Of A New Garbage Truck 22 Km, And Pilot Training.
Sector:Automobiles and Auto Parts
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 260000
Notice Type:Contract AwardsDeadline:11 Sep 2021
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Summary:Supply, Installation And Maintenance Of An Integrated Intelligent Water Management And Water Metering System
Country :Cyprus
Notice Type:Tender NoticeDeadline:06 Aug 2021
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Summary:Supply Of And Installation Of Pressed Aluminum Signs With The Name Of The Streets
Sector:Metals and Non-Metals
Country :CyprusEstimated Cost:CYP 20000
Notice Type:PrequalificationDeadline:23 Jul 2021
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