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Goal Haiti Tender, Haiti Tender Procurement Of Construction And Shelter Materials for GOAL HAITI RFQ Tenders Expression Of Interest. A Premier Opportunity Platform. Gateway to a wide range of new business opportunities - both B2B and B2G.
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Tender Details
Organization Details
Organization Name:
PO Box 19
12 Cumberland Street
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin

Tel: 00 353 1 280 97 79

Contact Person: Filip DEGRIECK - Logistics Manager
Tender Details
GT Ref ID:
026727 GOAL01
Tender Notice Type: Tender Notice
Tender Notice No: T-GO-HT-OF-0066-MAR10

Tender Reference: T-GO-HT-OF-0066-MAR10

Date of tender release: 29 March 2010
Closing date for responses: 19 April 2010 - 17.00 GMT
Anticipated date of contract awarding: 30 April 2010

GOAL is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor. Its mission statement is "To work towards ensuring that the poorest of the poor and most vulnerable in our world and those affected by humanitarian crises have access to the fundamental needs and rights of life, for example, food, water, shelter, medical attention and literacy". More detailed information can be found on

GOAL is operational in Haiti since the devastating earthquake struck in January 2010 and its teams are currently engaged in activities such as food distribution, environmental health, rubble clearance and construction of transitional shelter.

In relation to its Post Earthquake Emergency Response Program in Haiti funded by USAID, GOAL invites suppliers to quote for the supply of a wide range of construction and sanitation materials e.g. timber, C.G.I. sheeting, Cement, Sand, Aggregate, Hurricane strapping materials, Steel bar reinforcements, holding down bolts, nails and fasteners, plastic sheeting, concrete blocks, paint, water tanks and other small materials.

All detailed info on this tender can be found on the GOAL websites in Ireland (, UK ( and USA ( under the 'suppliers information' section
    - Required quantities and detailed specification;
    - Terms and conditions of this tender
    - Suppliers questionnaire and quotation response format

Enquiries in relation to this tender should be send to:
Filip DEGRIECK - Logistics Manager
Tel: 00 353 1 280 97 79

Please mention tender reference in the subject title

This tender is regulated by USAID rules and regulations.

Due to the time constraint and material content of this tender, priority will be given to USA and Caribbean based companies

Deadline: 19th April 2010; 17:00 hrs GMT
Soft Copy: Original Document (107 KB)
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Goal Haiti Tender, Haiti Tender Procurement Of Construction And Shelter Materials for GOAL HAITI
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