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  Organization Details:
Organization Name: Bahar Organization
Address: Emek, 19008. Sk. No:4, 27060

Contact Person: -
Notice Details:
GT Ref ID: 027337
Notice Type: Expression of Interest
Bidding Type: International
Tender Notice No: 22-EOI-01
Description: EXPRESSION OF INTEREST-International invitation

Title of the EOI: Nutritional Supplies
To: Eligible Interested Suppliers
Date of this EOI: March 21, 2022
EOI Number: 22-EOI-01
Closing Date for Receipt of EOI: April 10, 2022

About Bahar:
Bahar is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, officially registered in Gaziantep, Turkey aiming to deliver humanitarian and development assistance to the project participants regardless of their religion, ethnicity, or political views. Bahar is committed to the Core Humanitarian Standards and the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Bahar Organization invites qualified suppliers from around the globe, to submit their interest, profile, and eligibility in response to the expression of interest and as per the documents and requirements attached to this letter.

Please note that, the response to the expression of interest must include the company profiles, eligibility information, in response to the eligibility criteria set in this EOI, and company official registration documents.

- Bahar is going to implement a project providing Nutritional services to address acute cases of undernourishment in the northwest of Syria. Therefore, Bahar is going to procure nutritional supplements which are used to serve the malnutrition cases.

- Bahar is looking for qualified interested suppliers to express their interest in this procurement and provide the initial information and details.

The required items with the ceiling quantities are mentioned in the table below:

Required delivery point: Turkey, with a final destination (if possible and applicable): Northwest of Syria, Afrin.

Final consignee: BAHAR organization, Syria.

Expected Delivery Period: 6 weeks.

Click here for details.

Deadline: 10 April 2022
Soft Copy:  Original Document  (393 KB)

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